Advertising fields

Companies advertisers have advanced fields.

In search results

  • Advertiser’s ad (the title in a form of a hypertext link — 35 characters, the text — 70 characters) — the ad is displayed in a separate block. When you click on it you open the company profile.
  • Microcomment (70 characters) — allows to focus the attention of a user of the service on a particular company in the list; it is displayed under the company name.

In company profile

  • Advertising link – it is displayed in the company profile. Unlike the free positions, it can lead not only to the advertiser’s source in general (e. g. website) but also to a specific part of this source (for example, the price list or the order page). In addition, the advertising link is displayed under a specific name (20 characters), not as a URL itself.
  • Advertiser’s comment in an opened card (190 characters) — a short description of company activity. It is placed in the company profile. Deleted since May 1, 2012.
  • Advertiser’s message (890 characters) — extended information placed in the company profile.